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Funny I would strongly

Gary W. (not verified) on Fri, 2010-04-30 00:56
Funny I would strongly disagree with your assessment. Unlike Shutterstock for example, Veer's site is overly complex, both on the purchasers side and the submitter side. Why for example does it not combine all searches in one screen. Instead it tries to cram two different sets of search results on one page, one expanded and one not. It also took them 9 months to finally let me know why accepted images weren't showing up for sale. For a long time I just figured the site launch for new contributors had just been delayed...and eventually I just moved on to more productive endeavors...contributing to istock, dreamstime,shutterstock...where the bugs and any cludginess in the interface had long ago been sorted out.
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Steve Gibson on Sat, 2010-05-01 08:46

well I guess thats your own opinon and I can't really comment on an individual problem you had with veer.

the review was only from the perspective of the contributor, and yes I did used to hate it when the marketplace images were stuck in a side bar at the far right - thats all now changed

shutterstock is good? a separate login that means you can't see what a buyer sees on the main site (unless you open a separate account) tho that said I do like shutterstocks interface once you have got used to it. I just felt that at first use there was no learning curve or hunting around for 'how do i do...." at veer; everything just seem to be well labelled and where you you'd expect it... like the thing at the top right that has something like "8 images to submit" if you login after uploading from ftp. Some other sites make you click my account > images > upload > process ftp uploads... thats the sort of clicking i'd expect to update my address details or cash in my earnings.

istock cludginess long since sorted out? not when it randomly decides not to read IPTC data from images one day and work fine the next (I think that was fixed about 6 months back - and from what i've read the lack of standards around adobe and their implementation of that metadata and changes with different versions of photoshop is a mess - so thats not exactly istocks fault)

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