Fotolia have announced a new commission structure including a new option for exclusive photographers in addition to the current options for exclusive images and non-exclusive images.

The new exclusive photographers option allows prohibits photographers who agree to become exclusive with fotolia from uploading to other microstock websites. Exclusive photographers may continue to sell their work on a rights managed basis through other websites and also though their own personal website provided that such a site only offers their work. Exclusive photographer works must also not be offered for free elsewhere.

The new structure results in a pay cut for photographers with commission across all tiers falling by 3%. Exclusive photos are also now reduced to the basic rate (30-44%) of commission instead of the previous elevated rate (51-64%), However this is offset by the fact that exclusive photos for all but bronze tier contributors cost more credits and also by recent news of increased credits per sale for all users (e.g. that M sized images increased from 3 to 4 credits per sale).

This probably will have the desired effect of creating a nice big carrot in becoming exclusive, but the majority of part time contributors will be see a reduced income with images for all tiers up to emerald costing the same flat rate and now earning 10% lower comission per sale (reduction from 33% to 30%)

(emerald = 25000 sales, difficult for most ordinary microstock photographers to achieve)

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