Update: 6 FEB 2009, Scoopt have stopped accepting new uploads. As an alternative you could look at our list of microstock agencies that accept editorial images

Scoopt describe themselves as the worlds first commercial citizen journalism agency, specially created to connect members of the public with (the vicious world of the - ed) mainstream media.

They have a useful place in the market, but I would imagine that a typical microstock photographer would only use their services a little if they had captured something newsworthy. Their market is a little off the subject for microstockinsider, but I mention is because many photographers (including myself) use microstock as income in conjunction with other photography interests like wedding, commercial, fine art or in this case photojournalism. I would be interested to hear from anyone with a photo journalistic bent if they use or have been getting results from this "microstock for news images" site.

From my (very brief) experience as photographer it can be hard to get your news pictures noticed (I was greeted with complete disinterest, but perhaps that was the image in question or just the local paper I was submitting to).

So if you are in the right at the right time (or wrong place at the wrong time as so many unfortunate news stories seem to be) then remember scoopt before you upload your images direct to a news company website (earning you nothing - see worst ways to undersell your images for more on that).

Scoopt has been running since 2005, and is now run by Getty Images.

Visit Scoopt.com


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