A Month in Microstock:

In a bid to grow their image collection Veer have dangled the carrot of between $0.35 and $1.40 for each image uploaded and accepted on their site. The veer 'Dash for Cash' Runs until the end of June 2010 and is open to new an existing contributors. Our veer marketplace review


lookstat announced pricing plans for their updated lookstat analysis service, as promised there a comprehensive free option, and charges those serious microstockers who will benefit financially from insights the tools provide. More about lookstat


Shutterstock announced it was founding member of a collaboration that saw the two biggest names in the stock industry, getty and corbis working together to educate image buyers. The very comprehensive guide site stockphotorights.com covers subjects including copyright, trademark, privacy and editorial image use.


Andres Rodriguez started distributing is portfolio through polylooks, full interview on the polylooks blog


iSyndica launched several updates to their image management platform, you can now import stats from unsupported websites into their analytics system, the format is conveniently similar to that of the CSV files you can download from shutterstock, for users without referral sales the file can just be imported straight in. isyndica also announced iphone support so you can view your stats on the move plus some new storage options for pro account users allowing upto 1TB of storage. read our isyndica review


Ex microstock site Pixamba launched its media management platform. Aimed purely at image buyers it allows users to manage images (either microstock, macrostock sourced, or created in house). As it's not designed for photographers I only had a brief look at it, seems professional enough and has several features I can see being quite useful, if you are one of the sort of people who's idea of image asset management is downloading a photo, renaming it "agnecy_originalname" and throwing it on a share drive then this might be the application to help you keep track of images you have bought from multiple locations. You can of course use the platform to search and catalog images you have previously purchased and confirm the license terms you bought them under. Accounts start for as little at 4.99 monthly for 3GB of storage space.


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