You might never had heard of them, and if you had read our keenimages review you wouldn't even be uploading to them. Now they are going to close.

Keenimages were are side shoot of shutterpoint. If you have a keenimages account they have announced they will migrate it for free to shutterpoint for 6 months (you will need to pay thereafter).

This might be a boost to shutterpoint, but keen suffered from various problems most notably, a piss poor marketing and sales model. Why would buyers want to pay $9.99 to have their account activated and after that then go on and buy images? Why would any photographer/photography site owner want to send customers to keenimages to earn 6% on their purchases when as site like crestock currently offers 50% to attract new customers? The answer is they don't and hence there were few buyers.

To be fair keenimages is closing in a professional manner with the migration of images, and they plan to pay any money outstanding on your keenimages account (considering that no one I know ever made any sales that will be easy).

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