Cutcaster have taken another step towards being credible with the launch of their affiliate program.

They provide 10% of buyers transactions and 5% of referred photographers earnings for a whole 2 years, a pretty good deal in our opinion.

It's still early days for cutcaster, but if they keep up development at the rate they are going (launch was back at the start of April this year) then they might soon start to grab a slice of the market. The do need to do some more improvements with that upload system though!

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Thanks very much for mentioning the program

John Griffin (not verified) on Thu, 2008-05-22 15:34
I'm John and happy to answer anymore questions you may have regarding the Referral Program at which we just launched. I am really excited to have it rolled out and happy to hear any suggestions you may have that will make it better. Which program in the market do you find the best and how long do you think a good program should last? Also the uploader is now working a lot better and we smoothed out some of the kinks which you obviously get when you build something from scratch. The FTP is also working well and pulling out IPTC data upon ingestion so it is really easy. Thanks again and speak to you soon. John Cutcaster offers royalty free images, stock photos, stock footage and stock photography for advertising, publishing or web design.

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