Microstock Stock Sites that offer Exclusivity


A Comparison of microstock sites that accept exclusive images or images from exclusive photographers.

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Site Exclusivity Options Available Royalty Rate
Dreamstime Both Exclusive Images and Contributors 20-45% non exclusive, 60% for exclusive photographers
Canstockphoto.com Exclusive Images 50% of images sales (20% via fotosearch), subscription downloads $0.25 (fotosearch tiered starting at $0.30 per download. Nothing extra for exclusive images. Enhanced Licenses $22.00 per download
iStockphoto Exclusive Contributor 15% for non exclusive images (video 20%). Exclusive members (25% to 45%) and double image sale price. Subscription downloads for non-exclusive images earn a disgraceful 10c.
Photodune.net Exclusive Images 36% (50%-70% tiered for 'exclusive image portfolios' see review)
Fotolia Both Exclusive Images and Contributors 20%, 23% after 100 downloads, 25% after 1000 downloads (total for the user not per image - so fairly easy to attain 23 or 25 percent). 15-17% more for exclusive photographers work and increased images prices. Subscription Sales 0.25 Credits to 0.40 Credits per Download
Polylooks Exclusive Images 35% (50% for exclusives)
Photokore Exclusive Contributor Tiered, Non-Exclusive 20%-30%, Exclusive 30%-40% Based on a combination of accepted images and combined downloads

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